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King Audio opened it's doors in April of 2015 after having installed several other audio systems on our personal motorcycle, that sounded like a tin can, distorted, and we couldn't hear the speakers well at highway speeds. We happened to be at a motorcycle rally and heard wonderful crisp and clear music playing over the sound of the motorcycles passing by. We walked over to the music we found it was coming from a motorcycle and not a band.  We fell in love with the audio system and had it installed at the Soundz booth by Pete Jensen.  After extensive audio installation training and  learning the knowledge of the product line, we opened our business. We have a passion for our products and materials used for assembling the audio kits, and travel frequently with Soundz to stay current on the products that we sell so we can keep our customers happy. The brands we exclusively use are:  Soundz Branded Speakers and Amplifiers, and Sony Radio Products. The audio kit wiring harnesses are made with the highest quality of materials and use OEM matching connectors, which won't void any Harley Davidson warranties since there is no cutting or modifying of any Harley Davidson factory harnesses, a true Plug and Play Kit. 


 Owner and Secretary


Social Media Specialist


Head of Sales and Head Installer


Web Designer


Head of Security

Chaos and Mayhem

Body Guards

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